Cell Broadcast: How it is used on warning day and how it works

by Pramith

Cell Broadcast is a standardized system for disaster warnings that works with all current devices. Here you can find out how it works

Disaster warnings via Cell Broadcast – A warning system of the BBK

Cell Broadcast is the beacon of hope for an effective and crisis-proof warning system. With the reintroduction of the nationwide alert test day in 2020, it became clear that many systems do not work reliably and the population cannot be informed across the board. With Cell Broadcast, this can be done without additional apps or sirens on every street corner.

  • Cell Broadcast is a warning system with which the BBK (Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance) can send warning messages to cell phones and smartphones throughout Germany.
  • Cell Broadcast uses the standard SMS-CB to send a message. This works particularly resource-efficiently so that networks are not overloaded. Due to the special operating mode, CB messages can be delivered not only to smartphones, but also to older cell phones.
  • Many European countries have been using this technology for years. However, it is important that the standard only works where there is a network. However, slow connections are not a problem, as only text content is transmitted
  • Cell broadcast (CB) messages will also be tested in Germany in the future.
  • Warning methods such as cell broadcast will be used on nationwide warning days such as March 14 and possibly in actual emergencies.

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