DeLonghi Magnifica S: How to descale the coffee machine

by Pramith

You can easily descale your De’Longhi Magnifica S at home. We show you exactly how it works in a step-by-step guide. So nothing can go wrong and your coffee machine will be ready for use again in no time.

Descaling the De`Longhi Magnifica S – A guide

If the indicator light lights up on the control panel of your coffee machine, you should descale your machine. To descale your De’Longhi Magnifica S you will need: a descaler and a large container or pot and enough water. De’Longhi recommends that you only use its own descaler. You can also use another, cheaper descaler for a coffee machine – but this will invalidate the guarantee.

  • Press the upper left button to switch on the coffee machine. When the machine is ready for use, you can empty the water tank and remove the softener filter.
  • Fill the water tank up to the “A” mark with the descaler you bought and fill the rest up to the B mark with water.
  • Now place a container under the milk frother. It should have a capacity of 1.5 litres.
  • Be careful not to get the descaler on your hands or in your eyes, as it has a strong irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Disposable gloves offer protection here. Put the filled water tank back into the machine.
  • Turn the upper left lever (the steam knob) of the machine to the left to position I and the cleaning starts: the water descaling mixture now runs through the milk frother.
  • Press the small flashing button at the bottom centre of the machine for at least 5 seconds. Now this button lights up red and the upper right button flashes.
  • After half an hour, the first operation is finished and the indicator lights flash. Now turn the control knob to position 0. Empty the large container and place it back under the milk frother.
  • Clean the water tank thoroughly and fill it completely with water again up to the ‘B’ mark. Replace the water tank.
  • The indicator light flashes. The control knob must be turned to position I again. Now the machine continues to rinse automatically. Repeat the step again so that the machine is rinsed at least twice with fresh water.
  • When the upper right lamp lights up again, it means that the cleaning process is finished. You can flip the upper left switch again and fill up with new water.
  • Now the machine can be used again as usual.

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