Sleeping with headphones: Here’s what to watch out for

by Mike

Sleeping with headphones can be a pleasant way for some people to improve sleep and shield themselves from ambient noise

These headphones are suitable for sleeping

If you want to sleep with headphones, there are some important aspects to consider to ensure that this practice actually supports your sleep and does not negatively affect it.

  • In-ear headphones are perfect for sleeping as they are small and fit comfortably in the ear. They provide good noise isolation and minimise outside noise. This type of headphones is also good for side sleepers, as plugs do not interfere with the pillow.
  • There are also headphones specially designed for sleeping that are flat and made of soft and flexible materials. This makes them very comfortable to wear even in bed. They are usually wireless so they don’t get tangled during sleep. Sleep headphones also usually have a built-in sleep and relaxation function, such as soothing music or white noise.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones offer good noise cancellation from the outside, but are rather uncomfortable in the long run while sleeping and can be annoying, especially for side sleepers. They are therefore less suitable as headphones during the night.

Tips for sleeping with headphones

Sleeping with headphones can be an effective way to reduce unwanted noise from outside, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

  • Make sure the music or radio play is not too loud to disturb your sleep rhythm. Choose a comfortable volume that allows you to relax without straining your hearing.
  • Use soothing music or natural sounds such as the sound of the ocean or rain to help you fall asleep faster.
  • Clean your headphones regularly to prevent bacterial growth. Use disinfectant wipes or special cleaning agents to keep the headphones clean.
  • Experiment with different sleeping positions to find the most comfortable position for wearing the headphones. Make sure the headphones do not press uncomfortably on your ear or pillow.
  • It’s best to choose wireless headphones to avoid tangling the wires while you sleep. Bluetooth headphones or other wireless models offer more freedom of movement and comfort during sleep.

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