Fighting food moths: What really helps against them

by Pramith

Food moths are difficult to control. The annoying moths spoil flour, pasta, rice and oatmeal. They are so small that you hardly notice them at first. Read here how you can get rid of the unpleasant moths again.

How to fight food moths:

Fighting food is a tedious business.

  • Remove food from your household that has been affected by moths immediately. Put them directly in the dustbin outside and not in your household.
  • Vacuum your cupboards, shelves and corners and immediately eliminate the hoover bag into the residual waste bin. Then clean the cupboards with vinegar.
  • Sometimes the little animals are in the crevices of the cupboard. You can blow them out with a hairdryer. Set the hairdryer to the highest setting. Moths don’t like heat.
  • Despite these measures, you cannot be completely sure that all moths have been eliminated, so you should place moth paper in your cupboards and pantry.
  • Another option is pheromone traps. This is a strip of cardboard covered with adhesive film. The pheromones attract the male moths, which then stick to the film and die.
  • Hatchet wasps is another, slightly more costly way to get rid of the moths, but very effective. Buy a box of a few hundred ichneumon wasps and 1,000 to 3,000 ichneumon wasp eggs from a shop.
  • Then place this card in the affected area and wait a few days. The ichneumon wasp feeds on the eggs of the food moth and therefore eliminates it. The life span of this harmless wasp is only a few days.

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