How many litres of water do you use when showering? Guidelines and tips

by Mike

How many litres of water you use when showering depends, among other things, on how long you shower, of course. But there are also a few other factors that play into the question of average water consumption in the shower.

When showering: How many litres of water does one consume

The more water used, the higher not only your water bills go, but also the production of carbon dioxide.

  • Generally, you can assume that standard shower heads have a water flow of 12 to 15 litres per minute. If you shower for about 10 minutes, this already results in a water consumption of about 150 litres.
  • The current price of water in Germany is 0.2 cents per litre. This results in water costs of about 30 cents for such a shower. This is usually followed by additional costs for the use of hot water, which has to be heated beforehand.
  • The consumption – and especially the heating – of your shower water produces CO2. Consequently, by shortening your shower and using cold water, you can minimise your CO2 footprint.

Possible water saving measures

With a few simple tips, you can save a lot of water. And it’s not just your wallet that will be pleased, but also the environment.

  • A very helpful tool is to replace your conventional shower head with an economy shower head. With an average flow of 6 to 7 litres, it saves half the water without any loss of comfort.
  • A small but rather unnecessary habit may be to leave the water running while lathering. This is because this process takes up a considerable amount of the showering and you waste a lot of water during this time.
  • Another option is to generally treat your grey water. Grey water is the water that is produced as wastewater when washing hands, rinsing off or showering and is therefore only slightly contaminated. This is much more elaborate, as you have to set up a filter system for it, but by doing so you can dramatically reduce your water consumption, which is also great for the environment.

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