Kettle: This is the typical power consumption

by Johannes

There’s no question about it – the kettle has a pretty decent power consumption. Nevertheless, the appliance is worthwhile compared to heating water on an electric cooker. By the way, the power consumption has little to do with the wattage of the kettle.

Electricity consumption of a kettle: Cheaper than an electric cooker

Whoever wants to heat water quickly usually uses a kettle. But heating water costs a lot of energy – regardless of whether you use a kettle or the cooker for it.

  • Generally, a kettle with 2,000 watts of power takes about three minutes to heat one litre of water. For this, the appliance consumes as much energy as an LED lamp for a whole day.
  • Despite all this, heating water with an electric kettle is still much cheaper than on an electric cooker. To bring one litre of water to the boil, a new and fast kettle uses about 100 watt-hours of electricity, while on the cooker it uses around 150 watt-hours.
  • There are very economical kettles with few watts. However, these are only suitable for heating smaller amounts of water. For larger amounts of water, the wattage should be correspondingly higher. In general, the wattage for kettles ranges between 600 and 3,000 watts.
  • But: The wattage has nothing to do with power consumption. However, the wattage has an influence on the duration, i.e. how long the appliance takes to bring a certain amount of water to the boil. This in turn can drive up electricity consumption, especially if large quantities of water are to be boiled with a low wattage.
  • Tip: You can reduce overall electricity consumption by using a kettle with an energy efficiency rating of A+++.

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