Redeeming Steam keys – this is how it works

by Mike

If you want to redeem one or more Steam keys, you can do this either directly in the Steam software or in any browser. Afterwards, you can download the game.

Redeem keys in the Steam client

To be able to redeem a key on Steam, you first need a user account with the gaming platform. You can set this up on the official website. Then you can activate the key via the Steam client. This must be installed on your PC.

  • After starting the software, click on + Add game… in the bottom left of the program window. and select Activate a product on Steam…
  • In the new window, click Next. Then confirm the Steam subscription agreement by clicking I Agree.
  • In the Product Key field, enter the key of the game you wish to activate. You can also copy and paste the key. Then click Next. The game will then be added to your Steam account.
  • You can also access the Activate Keys feature by clicking Games ☻ Activate a product on Steam… in the Steam menu bar.

Enable Steam Key in Browser

Alternatively, it is also possible to activate keys directly in the browser without having to have the Steam client installed on the system. This works not only on PCs, but also on smartphones or tablets.

  • Open the Steam activation page in your web browser.
  • If required, log in with your Steam account name and password.
  • In the Product Key field, enter the key you wish to activate. Click Next.
  • The key will now be activated and the game will be added to your account. However, you will still need to use the Steam client to download the game.

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