Miele washing machine: Troubleshooting F220 – here’s how

by Michaela

If your Miele washing machine shows the error F220, there is a fault with the water supply. Sometimes you can rectify the problem yourself, in other cases a plumber will have to come.

Repairing a Miele washing machine with error F220

In some cases, there are simple causes for your Miele to display error code F220. If you can’t find out the problem yourself, the only thing that will help is a repair.

  • The Miele error F220 stands for a problem with the water inlet. Therefore, first check that the tap supplying water to the washing machine is turned on.
  • Turn the tap on all the way if it is not already.
  • Look at the hose. A kink in the inlet can cause the F220 malfunction.
  • If it is not kinked, the hose or a seal is defective. Do not replace the hose yourself, but contact Miele customer service.

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