Miele error F11: Cause and solution of the problem

by Mike

The Miele error F11 is probably already known to some users who have washing machines or dishwashers from the Gütersloh-based manufacturer in use. We will show you how to react to the error message and get the appliance working again.

Miele error F11: This may be the cause

If your Miele washing machine displays error F11, this can happen in a number of ways. Either the code is shown directly on the appliance display or an LED flashes next to “Check drain” – which also indicates the cause of the error message: The water is not being pumped out. This can have various reasons.

  • The drain pump itself has a problem.
  • There is a fault at the return valve.
  • Pumping through the drain hose is not guaranteed.
  • The machine does not manage the pump-down height.
  • The electronics have damage.

You can do it yourself

There are some actions you can take yourself when dealing with the Miele F11 error. However, in some cases it may be necessary to call in a technician.

  • Check whether the drain hose is kinked or disconnected.
  • The drain hose may also be blocked. To flush and clean it, you can carefully remove it and, if necessary, soak it in a grease-dissolving detergent.
  • If the machine does not make it to the pump-out height, it may help to raise the unit higher. In some cellars there is the possibility (depending on the position of the drain socket) to place the washing machine on a small pedestal. In this case, however, a firm stand and correct plumb alignment should be ensured.
  • If all these measures do not help, it is advisable to call a technician. This is because there may be defects in the pump or electronics and it may be necessary to replace these parts.

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