Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roborock: Troubleshooting Error 1 – this is how to do it.

by Johannes

If error 1 occurs with your Roborock, the laser unit is not rotating properly. Usually, you can easily fix the problem yourself.

How to troubleshoot Roborock Error 1

The error message tells you that something is wrong with the laser distance meter, the unit itself or the motor.

  • First turn on your Roborock.
  • If the laser unit does not rotate, try to help it along by hand.
  • Turn it carefully without using force. Then restart the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • If error 1 still occurs, the motor that turns the laser unit could be defective. Also, the belt could be broken.
  • To avoid voiding your warranty, contact Roborock customer service.
  • If you are technically savvy, you can also try repairing it yourself and buy the laser unit as a spare part.

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