Reduce gas consumption for hot water: 4 simple tips for showering.

by Pramith

A few changes in everyday life are enough to reduce gas consumption for hot water. The greatest savings can be made when showering.

Reduce gas consumption for hot water: This is how easy it is

High water consumption causes gas consumption and thus costs to skyrocket. According to the NRW consumer advice centre, around 13 percent of energy consumption is used to heat water. Most of this energy is used for showers. According to a study by the Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft (FfE), small measures can reduce energy costs for hot water by up to 50 percent:

  • Take colder showers: Even a small change in temperature can save a lot of gas and therefore money. If you shower at 35 degrees instead of 38 degrees, you can save up to 10 percent of the energy costs for hot water when showering. Tip: It is therefore worth using cold water when washing your hands and brushing your teeth.
  • Shorten your shower: If you shower for only five minutes a day instead of seven, you will reduce your energy costs by around 30%.
  • Single-lever taps or thermostatic mixers: Replace old taps. Single-lever mixers or shower thermostats make it easier to set temperatures. In addition, you can turn off the water in between without having to search for the right temperature setting again. This saves water and gas.
  • Water-saving shower heads: You can also save a lot of water and energy with water-saving shower heads – while maintaining the same showering comfort.

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