Oktoberfest app: These are the functions you should know about the Wiesn.

by Tobias

The Oktoberfest app offers visitors many functions – we show you what advantages and disadvantages there are and what you can do with the app.

Oktoberfest app: These functions are available

The Oktoberfest is going digital – and thus offers a smart solution for its visitors. This should make visiting the Wiesn a stress-free experience.

  • The Oktoberfest app can be installed on your smartphone free of charge. You can download the app for Android from Google Play and for iOS from the App Store. You can also download the Oktoberfest app free of charge via the websites “oktoberfest.de” or “pwc.de”.
  • The app is constantly updated and is also available to visitors in offline mode without roaming charges. In addition, the app can be selected in English, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • The app is divided into five functions: Festival grounds with a map of the area, news and dates, tips on visiting the Wiesn and the so-called Friends Finder.

This is what the Oktoberfest app offers

The Oktoberfest app is designed to offer visitors a stress-free, fun and eventful stay. We introduce you to what the app can do:

  • Through the respective sections, guests can find everything they need for their visit to the Wiesn. In the “Dates” section, current events can be viewed, from the kick-off to the boeller shoot on the last day.
  • The “News” section contains current photos, videos and articles from the Wiesn editorial team in Munich. These news can also be shared with friends here, just like on Facebook. You can also find information about the “Mittags-Wiesn” here.
  • The map of the grounds provides a good overview of the 720 Oktoberfest locations. Of course, the app also shows the current location in the site plan. This location can be shared, e.g. to quickly arrange a meeting point with friends who are just strolling elsewhere at the Wiesn.
  • Using the search function in the database, visitors can see what the Oktoberfest has to offer: From the marquee to the ATM, the taxi rank and individual snack bars, everything is stored.
  • In the so-called “tip area”, information can be obtained for local and foreign visitors. Here you can find out everything about the security checks and what items you are allowed to take with you. You can also find all the information you need about arrival and departure, opening hours and reservations here.
  • The “Festzelt-Füllstand” (marquee fill level) in the app shows how full each marquee is at the moment and where the chance of a free place is still highest.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Oktoberfest app

With the app, you are definitely up to date on your Oktoberfest visit. These are the advantages and disadvantages of the app:

  • One special gadget of the app is certainly the friend finder. Through the tracking function, which is connected to Facebook, you can easily find yourself everywhere and look up who is currently sitting in which tent during your visit. To do this, of course, your friends must be logged in to Facebook and have shared their friend list
  • For all app users there is another advantage: Every day a reserved place in a marquee is raffled off among all users, sometimes even with food and drink vouchers.
  • Due to the fact that so many people use the app, you can already see the fill level of the tents before you arrive, e.g. in trains and buses. So you can better avoid crowds.
  • The Oktoberfest app is certainly a useful and supportive measure for Wiesn visitors. Those who want to find friends more easily and quickly look for a free seat in the tent will find it easier to find their way around in the app than in the crowds on the grounds.
  • The disadvantage: without Facebook, many functions cannot be used properly. Those who don’t have or like Facebook and prefer to stroll through the Wiesn without their smartphone in hand should do so. The app can be helpful, but cannot replace a carousel ride or a Maß in a sociable atmosphere.


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