Simply reduce electricity consumption: These are the biggest electricity guzzlers in the household.

by Michaela

On average, there are often a few electricity guzzlers in the household that you may not have directly on your radar. But these enormous additional costs can usually be prevented by simple tricks. In some cases, buying a new appliance can also help.

The biggest electricity guzzlers in the household: essential appliances

With the current sharp rise in energy prices, you should be interested in reducing your electricity consumption as much as possible to save some money. We have summarised the biggest electricity guzzlers in German households for you:

  • The number 1 electricity guzzlers are generally old heating pumps. These run continuously, especially in winter, and very inefficiently to boot. A new pump can generally save up to 80% of energy. In addition, newer models regulate themselves according to demand, which means they only operate when necessary. As a rule, they are considered old when they have been in operation for more than 10 years.
  • Since cooking is done regularly in normal households, a cooker is also needed there. This is usually electrically operated and is the second most power-hungry appliance. To save as much energy as possible, you can make sure that the pots and pans fit as exactly as possible on the plates of the cooker so that the energy applied is transferred as well as possible to the cooking utensils. An induction cooker is another 15-20 % more economical. Heating water in a kettle instead of a saucepan, for example for pasta, also brings visible savings.
  • Another necessity in a household is the place to keep the groceries cool: the refrigerator. Since it works continuously, it also consumes a lot of energy and is the third most power-hungry appliance. One way to save energy is to put the fridge in a place that does not normally get very warm. Places where the sun’s rays can reach it or next to the cooker are bad places for your fridge.
  • In fourth place among the power guzzlers is the interior lighting. This is, of course, also an elementary component of a home. But here, too, you can save a lot of money by using energy-efficient lamps. LED lamps, in particular, are the most efficient in this respect.

    Other intensive electricity consumers in the household

    In addition to the most important appliances in the household, there are other appliances that also consume a lot of electricity but are basically not essential.

  • Behind the lighting in 5th place is the tumble dryer. It may be practical, but it eats up a huge amount of energy when used regularly. This can at least be contained if the laundry is removed immediately after the end of the drying programme and not spun any further.
  • In 6th place in the ranking is the freezer. Just like the refrigerator, it runs permanently and can also consume even more, depending on the location. Therefore, open your freezer as rarely and as briefly as possible. The efficiency class also plays an important role here, of course.
  • Dishwashers may be more efficient than washing all the dishes by hand, but they still end up as the seventh most power-hungry appliance. To get the most out of your dishwasher, it is crucial to always fill the machine completely. This is how it works most efficiently.
  • In 8th place is your washing machine. Logically, the less often you wash and the fuller the machine, as well as the temperature at which you wash, the more energy you can save. A 30-degree wash is obviously cheaper than a 40-degree wash. If the machine has an Eco programme, this will also save water, which will also benefit your water bill.
  • The following places are occupied by small electrical appliances such as your router or a laptop. Your TV usually leads the electricity demand of these entertainment media.

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