Slow Cooker: This is the typical power consumption

by Mike

Slow cookers generally have a reputation for significantly lower electricity consumption compared to cookers – despite the significantly longer time it takes for the dish to be ready.

The slow cooker: this is how much electricity it uses

Due to the low power consumption of a slow cooker, it is quite profitable to operate it for many hours.

  • A slow cooker is an alternative to using an oven or cooker. This operates with a low power consumption of around 200 watts.
  • In addition, it usually has two levels. The lower level is for cooking over a period of 8 hours, while the higher level shortens the time to around 4 hours. The idea behind this is that you fill and start the pot in the morning, go to work and find a finished dish in the evening.
  • In addition, the slow cooker’s low temperature of usually only 75 to 90 degrees Celsius is gentle on the food, preserving important nutrients.
  • So, assuming the short programme of 4 hours, the slow cooker is running at full load, requiring the full 200 watts.
  • In 4 hours, the appliance consumes 800 watt-hours of energy, or 0.8 kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • At an electricity price of 37.3 cents/kWh (as of July 2022), this corresponds to a cost of just under 30 cents. Normal ceramic hobs usually have an output of 1.5kW to 3kW. Accordingly, especially when using more than one hob, you quickly end up with higher values than the consumption of the slow cooker for one meal.


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