Abbreviation “k” – This is what 10k, 100k and Co. mean.

by Pramith

More and more often the letter k is used in abbreviations, mostly in combination with numbers like 10k. The derivation is amazingly simple.

Abbreviation: 10k – that’s what the “k” behind the number means

The abbreviation k stands for kilo and this in turn for the number 1000. After all, a kilogram consists of 1000 grams. The K is usually pronounced with an English accent. In Germany, however, it is sometimes pronounced German.

  • The K is best known from the internet. In the English version of Facebook, for example, 10,000 likes are abbreviated as 10k. In Germany, however, Facebook abbreviates it as “10 thousand”.
  • The abbreviation k is also often used to describe sums of money. In the meantime, you can also talk about 5k instead of 5,000 euros in Germany without being thought crazy.

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