Dreamlight Valley: Remove mushrooms – this is how it works.

by Corinna

You can remove mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley using watering can upgrades. Merlin will provide you with them when you reach a certain friendship level.

Remove mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Watering Can Upgrade

You need a friendship level of 8 with Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley to increase your watering can from level 1 to 2. This is possible, for example, through home-cooked meals or other attentions.

  • After reaching the level you will receive the quest A Sinister Experiment from Merlin. You have to get some items for the wizard before he can upgrade the watering can.
  • These include 20 x mushrooms. You can find these quite quickly at the “clearing of trust”.
  • Visit the “Glade of Trust” and the “Forest of Valour” as well to get 5 x emeralds. The gems are important for the quest.
  • Finally you need 3 x Purified Night Shards. Craft these at the workbench from 5 x Nightshards and 1 x Dream Shard each. Give the items to Merlin to finish the quest.

Dreamlight Valley: Remove mushrooms with watering can level 3

You can remove small mushroom occurrences with watering can level 2. There are even larger groups of mushrooms for which you need a level 3 watering can.

  • In order to do this, increase the friendship level to Merlin from 8 to 10. The same procedure with food and other gifts is suitable for this.
  • You will then receive the quest The Last Test, for which you have to get items for the wizard again. Again you need mushrooms, only 25 of them.
  • Further on, this time you need 5 x Purified Nightshards to turn them into Nightshard Powder at Wall-E’s. You can then exchange the powder at Merlin. Afterwards you can exchange the powder for a book at Merlin’s, which is essential for the quest.
  • Next, take care of Falling Water. You will get a unit at the river located in the “clearing of trust”. To do this, find the end of the river.
  • Last but not least, you have to get Merlin 1 x Heart of Ice. You will receive an Ice Tear Seed from Merlin for this, which you cultivate. Then harvest the heart of ice.
  • Along with the rest of the Items, craft the Watering Can Refining Salve. Deliver the salve to Merlin to upgrade your watering can to level 3.

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