Answering Google reviews: Here’s how to do it

by Mike

If you have received reviews on Google, you can answer them. You can do this via your profile

Google reviews: How to reply to them

If you offer a product or service, your customers can write you reviews. Please note: You cannot reply to reviews that were created via a third-party provider, for example an online shop. If you want to reply to reviews created via Google, proceed in the following way:

  • Go to Google Maps. Click on your picture at the top right or on the round profile picture.
  • Go to “Company Profile ☻ Reviews”.
  • Select the review you want to reply to.

How to reply to positive and negative reviews

Your Google reviews can be positive or negative. You should respond to them accordingly. In any case, stay honest and respond constructively.

  • Positive: Respond to a positive review in a friendly and polite manner. Keep the reply as short as possible.
  • You should do this as a friend and not as a salesperson or service provider. Thank the person.
  • Negative: If the review is negative, you should be just as friendly and polite. Ask what the problem was and also apologise for the problem.
  • Also sign your name so that customers know that you are indeed a person who wants to address their problems. Also, respond to the problem promptly. Tip: Unfair reviews on Google, you can have them deleted.
  • Be honest and admit your mistakes when appropriate. Never attack the person personally. Your clients should have a positive impression of you in any case, even if a mistake has happened or problems arise.

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