BeReal does not upload: what you can do

by Johannes

Many users of the social media app BeReal have problems with pictures not uploading. Find out what you can do about it here.

What you can do if BeReal does not upload your photo

One of the currently most common problems when using the smartphone app BeReal is that it hangs when uploading the photo. This is partly due to the concept of BeReal.

  • The point of this app is to share photos with your friends that are not posed, if possible. Therefore, there are no filters on the app and all users should post the pictures at the same time or at least within two minutes. Otherwise, the pictures are automatically described as “late”.
  • So you can’t decide when to take a photo and you might do so in a situation that is not particularly exciting or cool. This is to share a more authentic picture of our lives.
  • However, due to the simultaneous use of the app by many of the approximately 22 million users, it often happens that BeReal is overloaded. You may then simply have to wait a while before you can post your BeReal. This can then lead to you getting a “Late” flag.
  • It can also be helpful to simply close the app again and reload it. When doing this, remember to close the app as a background application as well.
  • But a second possibility why your BeReal is not uploading can also be your internet connection. So check whether you still have enough mobile data volume or a sufficiently strong WLAN connection.

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