Apple Music: Replay does not work – what can you do?

by Pramith

If you use Apple Music, you can listen to your personalised review all year round with Replay. However, sometimes it happens that Apple Music Replay does not work. This is for a specific reason.

Replay doesn’t work on Apple Music: here’s why

Many streaming services offer their users the opportunity to listen to their personal year in review at the end of the year. Apple Music even provides this service in February:

  • This means that you can already listen to your personalised replay during the current year. This is especially handy if you listen to a lot of music and are looking for a favourite song from the last few months.
  • Sometimes it happens that the replay does not work. The reason for this is usually that you have not yet listened to enough different songs. A replay with your highlights cannot be created from a few songs.
  • So the problem will fix itself as soon as you continue to use Apple Music and thus generate more data.
  • You can then also search in Replay, for example, for how many artists, albums and tracks you have listened to so far this year.

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