BeReal: Friend request – how to find contacts & new friends.

by Mike

BeReal is a newer social media app where you can send friend requests, as in most social networks. This works quite easily, but making friends is a bit more difficult.

This is how you send a friend request on BeReal

BeReal was created back in 2020 as a French alternative to other social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

  • The special thing about the alternative is the way it works. You can post pictures just like on Instagram. But the BeReal app prompts you to do so, and only once a day.
  • This is to reduce the dependence on social media. At the same time, the time period for posting the image is limited. Images also cannot be edited. This avoids heavily edited and posed shots, which lead to equally unhealthy consumption.
  • At the same time, friend requests can only be sent to those of whom you know the nicknames. Everyone has an individual name. Since an account with a username is generated by your own mobile phone number, BeReal can search your phone list to find friends, just like WhatsApp.
  • Otherwise, you need to click on the plus in the top left corner to find a user by entering their name. This is how you add users you know.

These are the ways to find more friends

But if you do prefer to make new friends with the app, you’ll have to do things differently.

  • One option would be to start a call on other social media platforms that you are looking for friends on BeReal.
  • Similarly, you can also advertise in your immediate environment and look for new contacts.
  • A somewhat unconventional method is to enter random nicknames in the app and hope that they are taken. This way you can find strangers to make new friends with.
  • In addition, BeReal has a “Discovery” area where some users share their daily picture publicly. You can also send these users a friend request.


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