Bet365 down: What you can do in case of disruption

by Johannes

When Bet365 is down, you can’t place new bets or check your results. Various causes can lead to disruptions.

Bet365 down: possible faults and how to fix them

If you can’t reach Bet365 via the browser or app, various causes may be responsible:

  • The most common problem is server downtime due to high traffic. If this is the case, you just have to wait until the servers are stable again. Especially during sporting events like the World Cup, possible server problems are to be expected.
  • The betting provider continues to update the website and apps at regular intervals. The updates are announced via the official Twitter account. This makes it possible to check when Bet365 will be available again.
  • Rarely, a missing update of the app or your browser can be the reason for the problems. Update the apps to regain access to the service.
  • Network problems due to your router or a weak internet connection may prevent you from connecting to Bet365. Restart your router or switch to another network to fix the problem.
  • For prolonged faults that have not been announced by Bet365, you can contact customer support. The live chat is available 24/7. Contact via email is also possible.
  • Feature Sports Betting The bet365 app displays bets with their betting odds. Photo: Wedel Kirchner-Media Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany *** Feature Sports Betting The bet365 app displays bets with their betting odds Photo Wedel Kirchner Media Nordrhein Westfalen Germany Copyright: xWedel Kirchner-Mediax

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