Fast food sins: These are products with the most calories

by Flo

The biggest fast food sins at well-known chains like McDonalds, Burger King and Subway already cover more than half the daily requirement in a single meal. Find out from us which products literally make up the weight.

Calorie bombs at McDonald’s: The biggest fast food sins

The fact that fast food chains like McDonalds don’t exactly stand for a calorie-conscious and balanced diet is clear to most consumers. We list which products have the most calories:

  • Chicken Box: 1096 kcal
  • 20s box Chicken Nuggets: 893 kcal
  • Big Tasty Bacon: 871 kcal
  • Popular burgers such as the Big Mac or the Hamburger Royal TS, on the other hand, come to around 500 kca
  • Caution should also be taken with sweet drinks: The chocolate milkshake alone has 373 kcal per serving.
  • You can find the exact nutritional information on McDonalds’ website via the product search.

Eating at Burger King: These calories are included

Direct competitor Burger King is no less than McDonalds when it comes to the calories in its food.

  • Double Steakhouse: 1043 kcal
  • Big King XXL: 973 kcal
  • Cheddar Beef Burger: 896 kcal
  • The popular Whopper is 613 kcal, the Long Chicken is 566 kcal and the Big King is 486 kcal
  • Sides such as the Chilli Cheese Fries also weigh in at 608 kcal.
  • If you want to check your favourite Burger King meal, you can find all the details on the product page.

Sandwiches from Subway: which have the most calories?

Even a sandwich with fresh lettuce and vegetables can have a lot of calories if you add fatty meat and lots of sauce. At Subway, the following fast food sins are among the 30-centimetre subs:

  • BBQ Rib: 1000 kcal
  • Spicy Italy: 820 kcal
  • Italian B.M.T: 785 kcal
  • By comparison, a Veggie Delite at Subway will run you about 430 kcal for a large sandwich.
  • The calorie information at Subway can vary: Depending on what sauces and cheese you use, it will be a little more than listed here.
  • Subway also publishes the nutritional information on a website.

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