Duet AI: What the new ChatGPT alternative can do

by Johannes

Duet AI is one of many artificial intelligences and is primarily seen as an alternative to ChatGPT

What you can do with Duet AI

When ChatGPT came onto the market, it was a sensation. There are now dozens of artificial intelligences for a wide range of applications, including Duet AI.

  • Duet AI comes from Google and is therefore primarily designed for use with other Google services.
  • Like Clippy, the paperclip in Microsoft Word, Duet AI can help you with all kinds of things – only with artificial intelligence
  • Firstly, the artificial intelligence masters text generation. In Google Docs, for example, all you have to do is click on “help me write”, a button behind your cursor, and you can ask Duet AI to write an invitation, a letter, a short story or any other text you can think of.
  • In the same way, Duet AI can help you come up with ideas by making suggestions or giving you ideas. For example, the AI can help you create new characters for a novel or develop storylines.
  • Even for music or visual art, the AI can help and compose melodies or make suggestions for visual elements, as well as generate designs through prompts.
  • “Help me write” can also be used in Gmail and Duet AI can also intelligently help you with your tasks, organization and planning in Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Meet.
  • If you would like to try Duet AI, you can do so free of charge until May 11, 2024. After that, the service will cost 19 dollars per month if you subscribe for a year. Unfortunately, a price for Germany is not yet known

What artificial intelligence means

Artificial intelligence has become an absolute buzzword, but what does it actually mean and what makes ChatGPT and Duet AI so intelligent?

  • When we talk about artificial intelligence, we are not referring to intelligence that has a consciousness like a human being. A computer has no independent thoughts or desires, even if you can easily have conversations with many AIs.
  • Nevertheless, such AI models are “just” lifeless code. These models do not think for themselves, but have learned to recognize patterns from huge amounts of data and use them to make predictions.
  • Thanks to algorithms and so-called neural networks, the AI can sift through the learned data when a prompt is entered and then generate an answer with the information that is most likely to be searched for.

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