Create a Garmin training plan: How it works

by Corinna

If you have a Garmin Connect account, you can put together your own personalized training plan or have a workout predefined for you

Creating a training plan with Garmin: How to proceed

The procedure for creating a user-defined training plan is the same for all Garmin smartwatches. You can use the Garmin website or the Garmin app – and the procedure is basically the same here too.

  • In the app, click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen and select the “Training and planning” tab. On the website, you can select the tab directly in the menu bar
  • As an app user, click on “Training” and then “Create training” to select activities. In the browser, go to “Select training type”
  • After you have selected the desired training type and set the training, click on “Save” – in the app as in the browser.
  • To send the workout to your device, click on “Workouts” again (in the app as on the website) and then on “Send to device”.
  • Finally, you only need to synchronize your device to transfer the newly created workout.


How to design your individual training with Garmin

After you have clicked on “Create training”, you have several options for putting together and customizing your training session:

  • Select training steps: In addition to a warm-up and the main activity (swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.), you can also add recovery times, breaks and a cool-down at the end to the training session.
  • Add repetitions and runs: For some types of training, you can set whether you want to add repetitions, additional runs or rounds to the main part of the training session, for example.
  • Set duration metric: For the duration type, you have the option to choose between different metrics – for example, distance, time, heart rate or calories.
  • Select intensity: You can also set an intensity target so that the device shows you what intensity range you are in in terms of heart rate, for example.

Use the default Garmin training plan: Here’s how

In addition to creating your own training plans, Garmin also gives you the option of choosing from a repertoire of predefined training sessions. You can access the various training plans with your Garmin Connect account via the website. There are fewer training plans available in the app, which is why it makes sense to use the website:

  • After you have logged in with your access data, click on “Training and planning” in the menu and then on “Training plans”:
  • If you go to “Browse”, you can filter the plans displayed to narrow down your search.
  • Select a training plan, set a start and end date and go to “Schedule”.
  • Finally, send the selected plan to your device and synchronize it.

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