WhatsApp profile picture: This is the right size

by Pramith

If you want to set a profile picture on WhatsApp, there are often problems with the right size. You can use apps to crop images to the right size

WhatsApp: Perfect dimensions for a profile picture

Profile pictures are always displayed in square form in WhatsApp. However, the profile picture preview is round. If you tap on a profile picture, the complete, square picture appears.

  • The minimum size of the profile picture is 192×192 pixels. As a rule, it should not be a problem to meet this requirement.
  • The maximum size of the image is 640×640 pixels. This means that sharper images are automatically scaled down by Whatsapp.
  • To change the profile picture, simply open the “Settings” in WhatsApp. Select your profile here and tap on the current profile picture to change it.

Crop WhatsApp profile picture via app

Now you know the optimal size for your new WhatsApp profile picture. There are a few more tips that you should bear in mind so that you can shine with it.

  • If you position a profile picture on WhatsApp within the possible frame, there will often be a blurred border on the sides. If you resize the picture beforehand, this will not happen
  • There are numerous applications for this. With the InstaSquare app for iOS and InstaSquare for Android, you can optimize images and set a square size directly.
  • In addition, you can use an image generator to create a suitable profile picture. These are often image generators with artificial intelligence. Specify the appropriate size in the prompts directly when creating the image. This will give you the image in the correct format.

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