Earn money with YouTube shorts: Here’s how

by Johannes

Content creators can earn money with YouTube Shorts if they meet certain requirements in terms of the number of subscribers and views

Earn money with YouTube Shorts

Content creators can earn money with YouTube Shorts in the same way as with normal videos, provided they meet certain requirements of the YouTube Partner Program. There are two levels at which new functions are activated.

  • YouTube Shorts are short videos that are extremely popular with the community. The key here is to convey the message, joke or knowledge quickly and directly
  • The practical thing about YouTube Shorts is that you can record, cut and edit them quickly and easily using a cell phone. Thanks to the short video duration, you can quickly re-record the video if you make a mistake or slip up.
  • The advertising revenue from YouTube Shorts flows into a pool from which the content creators and possibly music rights holders are paid. Eligible YouTubers are then paid from this pool. This differs from the monetization of long-form videos.
  • Content creators over 13 years old, with 1000 subscribers and with an output of 10 million short views in the last 90 days can participate in the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Supers and Shopping can be unlocked from 500 subscribers and 3 million views of the shorts.
  • This setting is intended to give content creators the opportunity to use the Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Sticker and Channel Membership functions earlier in order to receive money from fans and viewers.
  • In addition, YouTube has set up the YouTube Shorts Fund, where content creators can be invited depending on their performance in the last month and receive between 100 dollars and 10,000 dollars as a reward.
  • Any creator with shorts on the channel can participate in the 100 million dollar fund.
  • If the channel performs accordingly, creators will be informed and receive their bonus for the month.
  • For the payments you need a Google AdSense account as usual.
  • In addition, you can also earn money with Shorts via advertising and product information as well as sponsored links, just like with normal videos. External advertising partners are required here
  • YouTube Shorts are also increasingly favored by the YouTube algorithm and have the potential to go viral. This is also the case for channels that are still quite young, so the short videos increase discoverability
  • With the shorts, you can expect to earn less than one US cent per 1000 views. With one million views, this corresponds to less than 10 US dollars.

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