Hangry: The meaning of the youth word simply explained

by Pramith

The meaning of the word “hangry” is easy to derive. It is composed of the two English words “angry” and “hungry”.

The meaning of “hangry “

If your counterpart is “hangry” at the moment, you should not irritate the person further. Rather, get her something to eat.

  • The word “hangry” is made up of the English words for being hungry and being angry. It is thus a neologism.
  • When a person is hungry and therefore in a bad mood, they are called “hangry” in youth language.
  • When you are hungry, blood sugar levels drop, which has a negative effect on your brain’s performance. It also exposes stress hormones, which additionally hit our moods.
  • To stop the hunger, and therefore the bad mood, as soon as possible, you can reach for dextrose. This will raise your blood sugar level and make you feel better. However, you should eat a meal as soon as possible.
  • “I have to eat something now, otherwise I’ll get hangry,” you might say to your counterpart. By saying this, you are telling him that if you don’t get something to eat soon, you may soon be in a bad mood.

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