How much does Starlink cost and who is it worth it for? All the info

by Corinna

If you’re thinking about adding Starlink Internet to your home, you need to know how much it will cost.

What Starlink costs

The company Starlink offers you internet access via satellite. To do this, Starlink has its own satellites in space. The main advantage of this is that the company can also offer you its service in remote areas.

  • Satellites: Starlink is a subdivision of SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space and rocket project. By 2027, there should be 12,000 new satellites in space for this service alone. Unlike previous providers, these satellites are not at an altitude of 36,000 kilometres. Instead, they are only about 500 kilometres.
  • Signal propagation time: Due to the low altitude of the satellites, this is significantly shorter than with comparable providers. Instead of 72,000 kilometres, the data signal only has to travel 1,000 kilometres to the ground station. This means that the response times for setting up websites or gaming are significantly faster.
  • Set-up: The required special hardware costs 450 euros and sometimes shipping costs are added. In addition, a clear view of the sky is required for setup. The standard Starlink dish is equipped with a 23-metre cable, which cannot be detached and may interfere with the installation. On the other hand, the dish can easily be placed in the garden or on the roof. The initial set-up takes only five minutes and after about twelve hours Starlink unfolds its full performance.
  • Monthly cost: Compared to conventional providers, Starlink’s Internet access is significantly more expensive. The company charges 80 euros per month. In return, there is an unlimited data flat rate. However, the data rate varies greatly because the Starlink satellite dish connects to a new satellite every few minutes.

More information about Starlink

If you want to use Starlink’s data flat rate, there are certain points you should consider. There are both advantages and disadvantages that come with Elon Musk’s satellites.

  • Number of satellites: Currently, about 2,280 of the planned 12,000 satellites are active and the uplink dishes are not yet distributed nationwide. However, there are already two stations in Germany. One in Usingen near Frankfurt and one in Aerzen near Hameln.
  • Starlink in Europe: In addition to Germany, Starlink is also available in Great Britain, Poland, France, Benelux and Switzerland. However, not in Norway, northern Sweden or the Canary Islands. In future, a new type of satellite will be used that no longer requires ground stations in every region of the world. The data will be distributed in space among the satellites by laser.
  • Benefits: If you live in a remote area or have poor internet coverage, Starlink satellite internet may be worth your while. If you mainly use the internet to watch streams, series and movies, you should have no problems with the connection. In addition, the amount of data they can download is unlimited.
  • Disadvantages: One major disadvantage is the high price Starlink demands. If the internet is well developed in your region, satellite internet is not really worth it. In addition, it can be annoying when gaming that the dish connects to a different satellite every few minutes.

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