Venus and Jupiter side by side: Rendezvous in the starry sky

by Pramith

You’ve probably noticed that Venus and Jupiter are getting very close to each other. Find out what this rendezvous in the night sky is all about here.

Venus and Jupiter are getting close: What you should know about it

Following the spectacle of green comet C/2022, there is something exciting to see again in March 2023: Venus and Jupiter very close together.

  • If you want to see the two planets, you have to look to the southwest on a clear night. There you will find two bright white dots, which are Venus and Jupiter.
  • During the month of March, both planets can be seen coming closer and closer to each other and then moving away from each other again at the end of the month.
  • They do not really come close to each other, because they are several million kilometres apart. However, this impression is given from Earth.
  • You don’t necessarily need an aid to observe them, as the spectacle is visible to the naked eye. However, with binoculars, or a telescope, you will have a better view.
  • It is advisable to look for the phenomenon outside of cities, as there is less disturbing light there.
  • This position of the two planets can be seen about every two years. So if you missed the sight in 2023, you can try again in 2025.

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