How to create a year in review with Google Photos

by Michaela

Google Photos offers its users numerous methods for personalised films, including the year in review. Creating such a film is simple and straightforward, and Google does most of the work for you.

Creating a year in review on your PC with Google Photos

Whether in the browser or on your smart device, you can create a personalised movie anywhere.

  • Open Google Photos.
  • Click on “Manage”, “Create New” and “Movie”.
  • Select “A year full of smiling faces” for your year in review.
  • Click on “Create film”. The film is now generated from the photos of your last year. You can remove individual photos using the video editor.

How to create your review on your smartphone

On your smartphone, creating your year in review works very similarly.

  • Open the app.
  • Click on “Gallery” in the bottom bar.
  • Then select “Manage”.
  • Under “Create New” you also have the option to select “Film” and “A Year of Smiling Faces”.

How Google Photos works

Google Photos has been around since 2015 and allows you not only to store your photos, but also to assign them thematically.

  • Through machine learning, the programme recognises which photos belong to which category. For example, you get albums on the theme of “celebration”.
  • This means you no longer have to sort your photos on your own. The same applies to creating a film.
  • Google will find pictures that match your theme and put them together to make a movie.
  • A total of 15 GB of free storage is available with Google Photos.


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