Netflix subscription: Is it worth it?

by Johannes

If you are considering taking out a Netflix subscription, the question quickly arises as to whether the paid offer is worth it. Read this practical tip to find out what prices you can expect for access to numerous films and series.

Netflix subscription: Costs at a glance

The streaming service Netflix is now well established in Germany and offers a wide range of series, films, documentaries and more. If you want to take out a Netflix subscription, there are various options to choose from.

  • The costs for a Netflix subscription start at 4.99 euros per month for the variant with advertising. 7.99 euros per month are charged for the basic rate. Here you can watch content with the standard resolution on one device and also download it to one device.
  • With the standard subscription variant for 12.99 euros per month, you can watch most Netflix content in HD quality. It is also possible to watch and download films or series on two devices at the same time.
  • The premium subscription of Netflix costs 17.99 euros per month in the premium subscription. For this price, you can stream and download on 4 devices at the same time and enjoy Full HD or Ultra HD (4k) picture quality, for example with the Fire TV Stick 4k.

Stream movies and series: For whom is Netflix worthwhile

Netflix currently offers the most extensive streaming offer. In addition, new series and films are constantly being added to the library.

  • The prices for a Netflix subscription are similar to those of the competition. However, the amount of streaming content available is greater than other online video portals.
  • Netflix also has many “originals” in its offer. These are titles that are Netflix-exclusive. This means that you can only watch these films or series on Netflix. Netflix originals include the hit series “Stranger Things”, the book adaptation “You”, “Lupin” or the Emmy award-winning series “Orange is the new black”.
  • In addition, the Netflix catalogue includes extremely popular series such as “The Walking Dead”, “Breaking Bad”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Crown”, “Friends”, “Bridgerton”, “The Umbrella Academy”, “The Queen’s Gambit” or “Riverdale”.
  • South Korean series such as “Squid Game” and “Sweet Home” are also very popular.
  • Netflix is also interesting for documentary fans. Netflix offers “American Murder”, “Our Earth”, “Supersize Me” or “The First Year of Life”, among others. Seaspiracy” and “Becoming” have also made big waves.
  • Fans of German series also get their money’s worth at Netflix. The series “Stromberg”, “Ladykracher” or “Der Tatortreiniger” as well as “How to sell drugs online”, among others, can be found in the Netflix portfolio.

Is Netflix 4k worth it?

If you’re considering getting Netflix’s premium subscription, you should first weigh up whether you meet all the requirements.

  • In order to stream movies and series in Ultra HD, your device must be 4k-capable. Older or small TVs usually do not have this feature.
  • In addition, your monitor or TV screen must have 60 Hz and your internet speed must not be less than 15 megabits per second.
  • If you have the technical requirements and place a lot of value on a high-resolution picture, however, you can still only enjoy selected content on Netflix in UHD – you can find this via the streaming provider’s search function.
  • For movie fans looking for a cinematic experience, the premium subscription can make sense, but switching to Netflix 4k is most likely to pay off if you plan to share your account with multiple family members anyway and stream on four devices at once.


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