What is OneDrive? Simply explained

by Tobias

Cloud storage services like OneDrive are becoming increasingly popular, even if not everyone knows what such a service is. Here we show you exactly what OneDrive means and what you can use it for.

What OneDrive is

With cloud storage, your data is not stored on a local data carrier, but is located on the servers of the cloud providers.

  • Since the files are stored on the internet, you can also access them from anywhere. Simply log in to the OneDrive website. You will then see your available files.
  • OneDrive is therefore particularly suitable for files that you always want to have up to date on several devices. The apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS are also useful here.
  • You should not, however, back up sensitive data such as banking information to your cloud storage. As the iCloud hack showed, online storage is not completely secure. It is therefore especially important that you choose a secure password.
  • You receive 15 GB of free storage space when you register. You can increase this, among other things, by referring friends. Alternatively, you can also buy additional storage space.

OneDrive in Windows 10

In Windows 10, OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage, is already installed by default. You will see the OneDrive icon in the Explorer bar on the left.

  • The Office applications are also closely linked to OneDrive. In the “Save as” dialogue from Office 2013 onwards, you are directly offered the option to save to OneDrive.
  • If the direct integration of the cloud service in Windows 10 bothers you, you can deactivate OneDrive at startup.
  • With an update to Windows 11, users will be able to select their cloud folder in Explorer as a starting point.

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