Is Instant Gaming reputable? Experience and rating

by Corinna

Instant Gaming is an online platform that specializes in the sale of digital games for the PC and advertises with low prices.

Experience with Instant Gaming

There are many reports on the Internet about the Instant Gaming key seller. You do not purchase a PC game there in the classic form of a box, but simply as a product key:

  • The provider has a large and active user base that regularly buys games via the platform. Most of them rate the provider positively, meaning that it can be classified as reputable
  • At the same time, the online store often offers games at lower prices than other platforms. This leads to skepticism among some potential customers. However, the reviews show that this is rather misplaced
  • An additional advantage is that the key seller supports various secure payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal, which you can use to purchase games such as Fallout.

These aspects should also be noted

All in all, instant gaming is popular with many players and has built up a good reputation. However, it is always important to be careful when shopping online:

  • Key sellers can sometimes be associated with the gray market, especially when it comes to the origin of digital game keys.
  • At Instant Gaming, however, there is no evidence that the keys come from unsafe or legally questionable sources. The few negative points of criticism relate more to technical problems with the games
  • However, the seller is only responsible for these under certain circumstances. He is primarily responsible for the purchase process and not, for example, for the software of the gaming PC.
  • However, Instant Gaming’s customer service will respond to problems and try to assist its customers in eliminating and resolving difficulties.

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