Signal: Restore deleted messages – Is that possible?

by Pramith

If you want to restore deleted messages on Signal, this is only possible if a backup has been made

Restore deleted messages with Signal: Only possible to a limited extent

If you have deleted an entire chat or individual messages on Signal, they are not so easy to restore. This only works if you have made a backup beforehand.

  • If you want to restore an accidentally deleted message individually, this is currently not possible with Signal. The only way to access deleted messages is to retrieve a previously created backup. However, the entire chat history of Signal is then set to the status of the backup
  • The backup function can be found in Signal under Profile picture – Settings – Conversations – Back up conversations – Activate. If you have selected a folder to which Signal chats are to be exported, they will be backed up there
  • Go to “Restore backup” and “Select data backup” at the bottom of the start page to access the backup. You will need to type in your cell phone number and enter a code that will be sent to you as well as a PIN that you selected when you first set up Signal.

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