Vinted: All fees for clothes trading at a glance.

by Johannes

If you want to buy or sell on Vinted, fees may apply. You can find out what they are charged for and how high they are in this practical tip.

Vinted – Fees at a glance

Selling clothes on Vinted is free with any payment method – however, if you are a buyer, various fees may apply. There are also additional services that are chargeable.

  • Buyer Protection: In order to be able to guarantee the so-called “Vinted Buyer Protection”, a fee of 70 cents and an additional 5% of the sales price (excluding shipping costs) is charged for each transaction.
  • Push: If you are a seller and would like to push your items back to the top of the catalogue, you can “push” them for a small fee. For 3 days a push costs €1.15 and for 7 days €1.95.
  • Best Match: If you want your items to be seen by other shoppers who buy products of similar sizes or brands, you can buy a promotion worth €6.95 for seven days.
  • In addition to these costs, shipping charges will also apply to the items purchased. These can vary between €3.65 and €15.28 depending on weight, size, insurance required and destination country.

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