Virgin vs. Chad: This is what’s behind the meme

by Pramith

The Virgin vs. Chad contrast is making its way around the internet as a meme. Both are completely different types of men who are weighed against each other

Virgin vs. Chad: Two male images compared

Virgin vs. Chad memes, which juxtapose two opposing types of men as caricatures, deliberately play on stereotypes.

  • On the one hand, there is the virginal, shy and usually somewhat nerdy man, also called a “virgin”. He wears glasses, hangs his head and shoulders and comes across as grey in grey. There is no question of a muscular body or self-confident appearance.
  • In contrast, Chad is the most masculine of all men. Well-trained, with a broad chin and great self-confidence, he goes through life.
  • A Chad – whose name was seemingly chosen without truth from the American first name repertoire – has success all along the line: in everyday life, at work and with women. Many men therefore want to be like him.
  • The contrasting memes are always about the Virgin guy giving up or hanging his head in just such situations, where Chad seems to confidently know the solution to all problems.
  • To make the memes even more interactive, users can even create their own funny Virgin vs. Chad memes using various generators.

Gigachad: Increasing the Chad

In addition to the Chad, an enhancement of the alpha male type is now circulating as a meme through the internet: the Gigachad.

  • The Gigachad is the symbol of all masculinity, standing above all other Chads. He is muscular, confident and has a positive, promising aura.
  • The Russian fitness model Ernest Khalimov served as a role model. Not only his well-toned body, but also his prominent chin seem to predestine him as a model for the gigachad meme.
  • In particular, young men in their 20s emulate this image of masculinity.

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