What does jebaited mean? Meaning and origin of the term

by Corinna

“Jebaited” is a term from the gaming scene. If someone finds themselves in a tricky situation, this word is often used

Jebaited: This is what the term means

“Jebaited” is a term from gaming and streaming culture that refers to a certain tactic in which a player or streamer deliberately deceives or tricks their viewers or opponents.

  • The term “jebaited” originally comes from an emote on the streaming platform Twitch, which shows the face of former professional Street Fighter player Alex Jebailey.
  • When someone is “jebaited”, it means that they have been tricked or fooled into reacting in a certain way. This can mean, for example, that a player pretends to perform an action only to do something else and surprise their opponent.
  • The term “jebaited” is therefore often used humorously and is widely used in the gaming community. It can also be used as a call to exercise caution and not believe everything you see or hear. Overall, “jebaited” stands for cunning, deception and the ability to surprise others.

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