Telegram: Sending GIFs – it’s that easy

by Pramith

Sending GIFs in Telegram is basically possible. With the right instructions, this can be done in just a few steps

Send a GIF with Telegram: This is how you proceed

A GIF is a great alternative to conventional text messages on Telegram. Sending them is very easy.

  • If you want to send a GIF to your chat partner, open the relevant chat window in the app.
  • To the left of the message field you will normally see a small laughing emoji, which you tap. In some cases, “GIF” is already there or a sticker field.
  • In the lower part you will then see the “Emoji” field with a gray background, as well as the “GIFs” and “Sticker” fields.
  • Tap on “GIFs” and scroll through the various moving images.
  • If required, search for a specific GIF in the search bar. For example, enter “Harry Potter” and see what comes up.
  • If you have closed the GIF window but not switched back to the emojis, you will now see “GIF” next to the message field.

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