What does POV mean? This is what’s behind the social media trend

by Mike

If you use TikTok or Instagram, you’ve probably wondered what the term POV means. Short videos with POV captions are particularly popular there.

What exactly does POV mean?

POV is the abbreviation for “Point of View” and translates as point of view. This is what the buzzword means on TikTok and co:

  • POV reels are particularly popular, i.e. short videos with a signature that specifies the angle from which the video is to be viewed.
  • The viewers are asked to put themselves in different roles and see the video through their eyes. Be it from the point of view of the pet, the partner or even the coffee cup.
  • Through the POV caption, the most bizarre views and the most unusual angles on everyday things are created.
  • Originally, the POV term became known through film theory. The so-called point-of-view shot refers to a camera shot with which the audience perceives the scene from the point of view of the main character.
  • The term is also used in gaming. The game character is then moved from the first-person perspective. This gives gamers the feeling of being much closer to the action.

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