Apple Pay: How to set up family sharing

by Tobias

With Apple Pay, you can set up a family share. This allows the entire family to use one credit card. In doing so, you can set up a credit balance that is available to your child. However, this function is only available in the USA so far. We explain how to set up Apple Pay in just a few steps in this guide.

Family sharing with Apple Pay: How to set it up

Keep in mind that Apple Pay’s Family Sharing feature is only available in the US so far. If you have set up family sharing, you can set a credit balance for certain family members that they can use up via Apple Pay.

  • Log in to Apple Pay. Then go to the settings. You must have already set up Apple Pay for this.
  • Tap your name. Then go to “Family Sharing”.
  • Now tap on the child you want to add to the family share. To do this, tap on “Add child”. If your child is not yet in the family group, tap on “Add account for child”.
  • Always follow the instructions on the screen. Depending on the model of your device, the settings may differ.
  • Select the family member you want to add. Finally, tap on “Set up Apple Cash”. Then follow the instructions on your screen.

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