Apple Pay limit: These are the amounts you can pay

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A limit with Apple Pay is intended to prevent possible abuse by fraudsters. The PIN-free payment limit makes it impossible for a mobile phone thief to use your phone to make expensive purchases. Learn more about the Apple Pay app here.

Apple Pay: These are the limits when paying

A limit with Apple Pay purchases varies depending on the country of purchase. Each country has set its own limit on the purchase value at which PIN entry is required.

  • This is why it’s best to find out when the PIN is required before you travel abroad.
  • In the countries Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy and Montenegro, for example, the limit in the shop is 25 euros. From this amount, you have to enter a PIN.
  • In the Netherlands, Lithuania, Cyprus, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Latvia, Ireland and France, the limit is higher. Here you have to confirm the purchase with a PIN from 50 euros. In Poland, the limit is even higher at a purchase value of 100 euros.
  • In non-euro countries there are also limits for the Apple Pay app. In the USA, for example, this is 50 US dollars, in the UK 45 British pounds.

Apple Pay: this is how secure the app really is

Apple Pay is considered a secure payment method and not just because of the PIN limit.

  • This is because Apple Pay encrypts your credit card data in the Wallet app. So your account details don’t get to Apple or the shopping shops. A coded “Device Account Number” is used for the payment transfer. This number cannot be identified by anyone outside the wallet.
  • However, there is unfortunately a gap in data security: synchronisation via the iCloud. This is because all the data you have entered in other devices is collected in this cloud. Hackers and thieves could thus access Apple Pay data via another end device.
  • You can also simply deactivate Apple Pay if you no longer have access to the Apple Pay device you are using.

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