Apple’s AR/VR headset: What is known about the gadget so far?

by Johannes

Apple is currently planning to launch its own AR headset. We reveal what is known about it so far and when a release can be expected

What Apple’s AR/VR headset is supposed to be able to do

Apple’s smart glasses are said to come with some features:

  • The term AR stands for Augmented Reality and describes the perception of reality with the help of a computer-assisted extension – for example a smartphone or an AR headset.
  • In contrast to virtual reality (VR), where everything is digitally generated, AR supplements the real world with artificial things.Apple’s headset will probably be called “Reality Pro” and will support both VR and AR applications. A new operating system, “xrOS” or “RealityOS”, is also being developed for it.
  • So far, the mixed reality market is niche. Apple wants to make the market available to the wider masses with its own headset.
  • The target group for the first AR headset will be professional users and developers. A much more affordable entry-level headset is expected in the next few years.
  • Together with an iPhone or iPad, the headset should then offer the usual AR/VR functions. More details are not yet known.

Date of release and price

Not much is known about the release date and price so far:

  • The headset is expected to be unveiled before Apple’s WWDC event in June 2023.
  • The headset is expected to start shipping in autumn 2023.
  • The AR headset is expected to be priced between $2000 and $3000, clearly targeting professional users and developers.
  • With up to approx. 800,000 headsets per year, Apple plans to produce significantly fewer units than of the other devices such as iPhones or Macbooks.

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