God of War Ragnarok: Unlock Transmog for Armour and Weapons

by Mike

God of War Ragnarok offers Transmog to customise the appearance of Kratos’ equipment. The system is not yet available at the beginning of the game. For this you will need quite a lot of crafting materials.

Use Transmog in God of War Ragnarok

Transmog for weapons and armour in God of War Ragnarok is only possible when you reach the highest level for the corresponding item. The shop of the dwarven brothers Brok and Sindri is not necessary for this.

  • Once you have reached the highest level of 9 for a weapon or piece of armour, the transmog system is unlocked directly.
  • You can customise the appearance of all armour for chest, arms and hips. For weapons, this is possible with the leviathan axe and the chaos blades. Switch to the equipment menu and select the desired item.
  • Now you will be shown the option to change the appearance of the equipment item. To do this, hold down Square.
  • All armour and weapons obtained so far are available as transmog designs. This makes it possible to customise Kratos’ look to your liking.

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