Deactivate Apple Pay – here’s how

by Pramith

If you want to deactivate Apple Pay, you have three options. With Apple Pay, you can pay contactlessly in some shops or online. Read in the article how you can deactivate the payment service

How to deactivate Apple Pay

You can deactivate Apple Pay via the “Wallet App”, via your “iCloud”, or a second terminal device. However, your credit card can still be used afterwards.

  • “Wallet App”: To turn off Apple Pay via this app, select the corresponding credit card in the “Wallet App” to which the payment service is connected. Now you will find three dots in the upper right corner. Click on them to find details about the card. Then select “Delete card”. You have now disconnected the card from Apple Pay.
  • “iCloud”: Log in to your iCloud and go to “iPhone Search”. Select the device on which you want to deactivate Apple Pay. To do this, click on “Lock/Delete”.
  • Second terminal: If your mobile phone has been stolen, you can deactivate Apple Pay on your iPad, for example. Open the “iPhone search” app on it. Select the desired device here as well and select “Delete this device”.



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