Hiding an app: Here’s how to do it on iPhone and Android devices.

by Pramith

If you don’t want an unauthorised person to see a particular app on your smartphone, you have the option of hiding it.

How to hide an app on an iPhone

To hide a specific app on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the settings. Then go to “General”.
  • Activate the button at “Restrictions”. Here you must now enter a PIN that you want to use for this.
  • If you go to the submenu, certain apps can be hidden.

Hide apps on Android: HTC, LG and Samsung

If you want to hide certain apps on an Android smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings. Tap on “Home screen ☻ Hide apps”.
  • Now you need to put a tick next to the apps you want to hide.
  • Confirm the settings with “Apply”.

Samsung Galaxy: Use Protected Folder

If you don’t want to hide the apps on your Samsung Android device directly, you can also hide them in the safe folder.

  • To create a safe folder, you need a Samsung account. To do this, go to Cloud and Accounts ☻ Accounts ☻ Add Account ☻ Samsung Account.
  • Open the settings. Go to “Device Security”. Go to “Secure Folder”.
  • Select the security option you like best. Then go to “Confirm”. You will then be asked to enter your Samsung account details.
  • Using “Add apps”, you can add the apps you want to hide.

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