iOS 17 new features: Here’s what you can expect

by Johannes

With iOS 17, you have access to new features of Apple’s operating system. These mainly affect the in-house apps and make minor changes

These are the new features you get with iOS 17

The update to iOS 17 will not bring any major changes. Apple is merely improving the design and functionality of some aspects of the operating system and is also forced to respond to a regulation from the European Union.

  • By the EU regulation “Digital Markets Act” Apple is forced in Europe to enable sideloading on all iPhones. This allows you to install apps from sources other than the App Store, for example from the browser. Browsers themselves then no longer have to be based on Safari.
  • As with every new update, iOS 17 will also provide you with new wallpapers that you can now share with other users.
  • The Control Centre in iOS gives you access to the most important settings on your smartphone. With iOS 17, this design is to be fundamentally changed, just like that of the Wallet app.
  • With the iPhone 14 models, Dynamic Island appeared, which connects the front camera and sensors with information on the display. Now Siri and other services are also to be integrated there.
  • The Health app also gets a new function and a changed design. The mood tracker stores your mood per day based on questions you answer and also lets you evaluate it. Later, it will also be possible to automate the recording.
  • In Apple Maps, iOS 17 is supposed to improve the transition from navigation in the app to the lock screen in particular. Here, too, the design is to change slightly.
  • A major update is coming to Apple CarPlay. The service is now said to be able to control the car’s volume and radio, as well as being able to be shown on multiple displays at once, such as on the dashboard.
  • iPhone owners with disabilities should find it easier to use with Assistive Access. “Live Speech” allows phone calls by tapping, “Personal Voice” creates an artificial voice to communicate. “Point and Speak” reads text out loud from the camera. Furthermore, you can adjust speech speeds, text sizes and animations more easily.

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