Contact Facebook Support: These options are available

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If you want to contact Facebook Support, you sometimes have to expect a long processing time. Many users have new questions every day. We will show you where you can find and contact Facebook Support.

Contact Facebook Support: The help section

Since Facebook is used by many people all over the world, a help section has been set up. This helps with smaller or frequently asked questions.

  • In many cases, your question or concern is already listed in the Facebook Help section. We recommend that you enter your question in the keyword search box marked above. After confirming your search, you should be presented with a suitable suggested solution.
  • Tip: In the English version, the help section is much more detailed. The language change can therefore be worthwhile for complex topics.

Here you can find the email from Facebook Support

In the past, Facebook offered its users to process answers to specific questions via a dedicated support hotline. This service has since been abolished. So if you do not receive a satisfactory answer in the help area or forum, you can contact the company via a form.

  • The imprint of the provider contains the official e-mail address for contact enquiries.
  • If your Facebook account has been blocked, you must take various steps. And if you no longer feel like using the network after such an incident, simply deactivate your Facebook account.
  • In the event of death, you can have the Facebook profile of the deceased set to a memorial state. You will need to fill out a form to do this. These requests are usually processed quickly.

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