iPhone SE: Activate NFC – here’s how

by Johannes

If you want to use NFC with your iPhone SE, you might be looking for the option to activate the feature. We have summarised what you need to know for this in this practical tip.

Enable NFC on iPhone SE not necessary

NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”.

  • As the name suggests, two devices that are close to each other communicate with each other. It is a radio standard that makes this possible.
  • The two devices must be only a few centimetres apart for the data transmission to work. NFC is mainly used for cashless payments.
  • Until iOS 13, NFC on iPhones was reserved for contactless payment with Apple Pay. With iOS 14, the feature is now open to other providers.
  • The iPhone 6 was the first to support NFC, and all subsequent models are NFC-enabled. NFC is enabled by default on these iPhones.
  • So you don’t have to activate NCF on your iPhone SE – and you can’t do it at all. NFC cannot even be deactivated on iPhones, unlike on Android smartphones.

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