Sons of the Forest: Drinking – how to quench your thirst

by Mike

Drinking is essential in Sons of the Forest so that you don’t die of thirst. There are various methods to quench your thirst

Drinking in Sons of the Forest: Suitable methods

Water is not necessarily in short supply in Sons of the Forest, but many water sources are not suitable for drinking. For example, you should not drink the sea water as it is too salty and will make you thirstier.

  • You need fresh water to drink. You will find plenty of it in streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and even puddles in the game. You can drink from these simply by pressing [E].
  • Due to possible parasites, bacteria and viruses in the water, you should boil it first. To do this, you will need a cooking pot, which you can obtain from abandoned camps or cannibal camps.
  • Fill the pot with water and place it on a campfire. After some time, you will have boiled water that you can drink without hesitation. This is even possible with seawater
  • Alternatively, you can collect rainwater. To do this, you will need a turtle shell and twelve sticks, which you can use to craft a rain catcher. You can set this up to collect drinkable rainwater
  • If you want to transport water over a longer period of time, you will need a water bottle. You can make one using a 3D printer or find one in the game. 3D printers are spread across several bunkers on the island
  • It is also possible to quench a small part of your thirst with berries, yarrow, energy drinks and other foods. However, avoid meat and dried fish, as these make you thirstier.

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