How to get to Sylt? Routes & travel options explained

by Pramith

How to get to Sylt is a question you ask yourself when your next holiday is just around the corner. Then it’s good to have an overview of all the means of transport and routes.

How to get to Sylt – car and public transport

The options for getting to Sylt are wide-ranging. You can choose between car, motorbike and the numerous means of public transport.

  • Car: If you would like to travel by car, you should note that there is no road to Sylt. You must either take the ferry or the train. The train station is in Niebüll. The journey takes about 35 minutes and costs about 50 euros. If you want to take the car ferry, you have to drive further from Niebüll to Havneby in Denmark. The ferry takes about 40 minutes and costs about 55 euros for the car, plus the passenger fare of about 10 euros (depending on age).
  • By motorbike: The journey by motorbike is the same as by car, by ferry or by train. You pay 31 euros for the motorbike on the ferry and about 30 euros for the train.
  • By plane: Westerland has its own airport, which you can reach from many large German cities. Air fares are very variable. Düsseldorf airport currently offers flights from 55 euros (as of 06/2022).
  • By local transport: With the 9 Euro ticket, which can be booked until 31.08.2022, you can travel directly to Westerland by local transport. A good starting point is Hamburg. From Hamburg, you can take a direct connection to Westerland and arrive after about 3.5 hours.
  • By long-distance transport: You can travel a little faster by long-distance transport. There are direct connections from many German cities.

Travelling to Sylt – The most environmentally friendly options

Since not everyone owns a car and environmental protection is of very great importance, it is also worthwhile to travel to Sylt in an environmentally friendly way – for example, on foot or by bicycle.

  • On foot: You can also get to Sylt on foot. However, you are also dependent on the ferry. Park your car at the ferry terminal and board the ferry as a foot passenger. This way, the one-way trip will only cost you 10 euros. Depending on your needs, you can then rent a vehicle on Sylt. Alternatively, you can use the Sylt-Shuttle-Plus, a passenger trailer that is attached to the car train and takes foot passengers for 12.50 euros per trip.
  • By bike: For the sporty ones, you can also travel by bike. To do this, you head for the car ferry in Havneby. You can park your car on the spot and pay only the price for you and your bike. You pay about 20 euros for a one-way trip.

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